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“As a leading provider of automobile insurance, Farmers has developed this innovative Rideshare Coverage endorsement to offer Colorado rideshare drivers seamless coverage as part of their personal auto insurance policies. We realize consumer needs are evolving and our ability to provide this important coverage to our customers demonstrates our commitment to meeting changing consumer demands.”
Mariel Devesa, Product Innovation, Farmers Insurance
Colorado’s January 2015 ridesharing law requires rideshare drivers to have auto insurance that covers the period from when a driver logs into a rideshare app to when a driver is matched with a rider. Farmers rideshare insurance covers this period, as well as the time between rides and ride requests.
Farmers spoke with rideshare industry leaders to develop an insurance product specifically designed to provide drivers with the insurance coverage specified in Colorado law. Farmers, one of the largest multiline insurers in Colorado and the nation, is leading the industry in providing rideshare coverage.
As an endorsement on the driver’s personal auto policy, the Farmers Colorado rideshare insurance coverage is available to new and existing customers alike. Existing customers will be reminded of this new coverage in their renewal notices. To begin coverage quickly and easily, call David Stansfield at 970-204-0020.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who needs Colorado
rideshare insurance coverage?
Anyone who drives for a Transportation Network Company (TNC), such as Uber, is required by law to maintain insurance coverage from the time the person logs into a TNC application to the time the person logs out of the application. The insurance provided by the TNC may not cover every time period within the driver’s on-line time.
Why is rideshare
coverage required?
Part of Colorado’s January 2015 ridesharing law requires rideshare drivers to maintain insurance coverage for the period when a driver is logged into a Transportation Network Company (TNC) application and available to provide rides for a fee but has not yet accepted a request from a passenger. This time period may not be adequately covered by insurance provided by the TNC to the driver.
How much does Farmers Insurance
rideshare coverage cost?
If you already have a personal auto policy with Farmers Insurance, the additional coverage provided by the Rideshare Coverage endorsement will add, on average, an additional 25% to your premium. If you are not currently a customer of Farmers Insurance, please call David Stansfield at 970-204-0020 to find out what this coverage would cost for you.
What do TNC industry leaders say about
Farmers Insurance rideshare coverage?
Here’s what Will McCollum, general manager of Uber Colorado, said in 2015: “Farmers is leading the industry by being among the first to create a personal auto insurance offering specifically tailored to ridesharing drivers. This new offering demonstrates their commitment to addressing the needs of a growing marketplace and their willingness to embrace ridesharing as an important transportation option in cities across the nation.”